Eveline Kay

"Sometimes I am sweet like candy

Sometimes you need that sugar rush"

A Little About Eveline Kay

Eveline Kay, born in the Kingdom of Erilad, to King Lorcan of Rothroagh, and Queen Niamh (Nee-v) of Gallwick. During a time of takeover, conquest and war, the Princess was born. Seeing the terror of the lands, Queen Niamh left her husband, stealing away with baby Eveline in the night, returning to her home; a beautiful yet simple manor in the picturesque township of Gleannford.

Eveline grew, knowing nothing of her royal blood, spending time with the animals in the wood, the people of the town, and the mythical creatures that called Gleanford and its surrounds, their home.

The Lost Princess grew in beauty and in grace, having a bright and bubbly personality, bearing kindness to all in the township. But none more than Cait, her best friend, a witch that could also turn into a cat! Together they dared with many an adventure and exciting dream of one day exploring the whole kingdom, sword fights, brave knights, palaces and of being invited to court, of meeting Princes, and whirlwind romances!

Eveline spent her days learning the same tasks her mother did as a child, weaving, sewing, but most importantly, singing. Music was a part of the Princess’ life from a very young age; her songs and melodic voice could be heard all over the town as she grew. Her songs inspired feelings and emotions in others, letting them feel as she felt, letting them hear the raw emotion in the form of music.

Her songs sprang from many places, from her dreams, from her desires, from her friends. Even on seeing a candy merchant from the city come by! She could craft her feelings into song to share with all her friends, and when she had the opportunity, she also chose to be a part of some film productions. She enjoyed her time getting a taste of the world of acting, in various productions (Killer Among Us, Bates Motel, Cult, Arrow, The Marine, Blood Lies and Alibis) and honing her acting skills and having fun. With that, her life was perfect.

Except for one thing.

She had always wondered about her father, who he was, what he was like. Her mother didn’t talk about him, only that she had to leave when Eveline was born. What was he like? A nobleman? An adventurer? A knight? She longed to know who he was and where she came from. The possibilities were maddening!

What she did know, with full certainty, was her music. That there were plenty of ways in which she could connect with others, inspire them and make them smile. She had always longed to bring her songs out to people, to let them hear the words in her heart and the emotion she wishes to share.

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